EG Group provides four main services to our customers: System Integration, Application Development, Software and Consulting, Outsourcing

System Integration

Our System Integration Team has many years of experience in assisting our customer to integrate the internal applications and external couterparties or 3rd party applications. Our consultants are strong at TIBCO and many other middleware Integration Solutions.


Application Development

Our Application Development Team provides turnkey solutions and software customization for various commercial sectors. We have strong experiences in Java, .Net and many other development platforms.


Software and Consulting

Our Software and Consulting Team provides professional advice for various commercial sectors ranging from Financial Service to Manufacturing. Our consulting service includes business process re-engineering, information technology planning and etc.



Our Outsourcing Team provides outsourcing services for our customers. We have various application development skills on various platforms ranging from Java, .Net to VB, PowerBuilder and etc.



We are the EAI experts. 

We are the Software Developers  on Java.

We provide System Integration and Software Development on various MS products using .NET.

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